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Try a Whole New Team Building Experience


So. you’ve been assigned the task of coming up with a fun and unique team building experience. Your boss has trusted you to “knock this one out of the park.” What to do? There’s always the traditional activities like sitting in a conference room trying to solve a customer problem for three-and-a-half hours, while everyone gets on each other’s nerves because they’d all rather be pretty much anywhere else in the world. Let’s scratch that idea.

There’s also something a little less mundane like paintball or laser tag, but paintball gets messy and those paintballs actually sting quite a bit sometimes. Maybe not the best idea for the fragile accountant on his way to retirement in less than six months. As far as laser tag goes, it’s really something that’s better suited for an eight-year-old’s birthday party.

Have you considered an idea where everyone needs to work together, collecting clues and solving puzzles to achieve the ultimate goal of escape? It’s time for something a little more outside the box … or inside (pardon the pun). If it sounds impossibly intriguing, interactive, and incredible, that’s because it is. Welcome to Lockology Colombus Escape Room, a premier escape room with a twist.

Whether it’s your sales team, IT team, or beer-drinking softball team, escape rooms are an excellent way to instill collaboration, creative thinking, and a hugely positive state of morale. There are varying difficulty levels depending on the experience level of your team. If you have one or two veteran escape room players, you may want to encourage their knowledge sharing, and try a room with a slightly higher degree of difficulty.

At Lockology Colombus Escaper Room, your team of eight persons or less can currently take on the goal of escaping from a haunted prison or solving a murder at a crime scene. Coming soon is the mysteries of the Mayan Temple of Knowledge. No matter what adventure you choose; excitement, fun, and camaraderie are sure to abound.

Book now to discover your team’s strengths and weaknesses, while evaluating your ability to work together to achieve a common goal. The Lockology Colombus Escape Room is just what you’re looking for in a one-of-a-kind team building experience.