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Not Your Typical Team Building Experience


Problem-solving, working under pressure, communication and leadership are four skills you will have an opportunity to explore with your employees and coworkers during a team building experience at Lockology Columbus Escape Room. Get locked into a themed puzzle room with your team to try to solve clues and escape the room. It is a much more entertaining and interactive experience than your typical corporate team building event.

Problem Solving

The clues in our escape rooms are not designed to be solved quickly. You have to work things out and piece things together to be successful, sometimes thinking abstractly. This is a great way to push your group to think outside the box and figure out which pieces fit together.

Working Under Pressure

When your team enters the room of choice, everyone will have an hour to work together, solve the puzzle and win the game. Some people work better with strict deadlines. When the clock starts counting down, participants need to keep calm and focused to work through the clues efficiently.


Talking with each other when trying to solve one of our puzzles is crucial to beating the clock. The group needs to split up and examine the room for any clues that might be around and try to figure out what the clues mean or where they go. Quietly sorting an idea in the corner will not cut it with the time limit.


Splitting up is a great way to find the many facets of the room that you will actually need for the puzzle. Some people will have to step up and examine the organization of the process. If people get stuck, they need to find a way to look at that bit in a new light or take a break from it and work on another piece, which takes the savvy to know when to back off or persevere.

Using an escape room as a team building experience is an engaging way to check out your group’s strengths and weaknesses. Even if you do not successfully solve the puzzle, you will gain insight into what your employees excel at and what needs improvement. Contact Lockology Columbus Escape Room to plan your next team building event.

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4 Reasons to Take Your Team Members to An Escape Room for a Fun Night Out

If you want to boost productivity in the workplace, you should organize after-work events. Taking your team members to an escape room is a great way to improve their performance.

It Helps Them Bond

In order for there to be a positive atmosphere in the workplace, the employees need to be comfortable with each other. One way to make this happen is by organizing after-work events where they can get to know each other and have a great time together.

It Helps Them Collaborate

In an escape room, everyone has to work together to figure out the puzzles and escape the room. If collaboration at the office is sometimes stressed, working together in a relaxed and fun environment without any of the usual work pressures will greatly help your employees’ collaboration skills, which will transfer back to the workplace. It will boost the team spirit. Going to an escape room will help your employees develop their problem-solving skills. It will bring out the leadership qualities in them. It will help improve communication between the team members.

It Boosts Their Morale

Everyone needs a break from work. Show your employees your appreciation by taking them on a fun night out. You can also do this when your team has reached certain milestones. Celebrate each milestone that an individual or your team reaches for your team to do a much better job. Everyone wants to feel valued, needed and appreciated. In addition, when all your employees work together to get things done, they will feel better about themselves in general.

They Deserve It

Besides all of the benefits, take your employees to an escape room simply because they deserve it. They worked hard together, and it is time to show them your appreciation by giving them a good time and a night of fun.

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Movie Scene Escape Room


Every business does not consist of individual employees as much as teams of people dedicated to solving problems that help the company produce the goods or services that create a profit. A recent article in the Balance suggests that a major part of making a business run smoothly is to turn groups of individuals into a team that works smoothly together.

Team building has been an integral part of running companies for as long as companies have existed. Modern corporations will often set aside time for teams of their employees to play games together, either onsite or at an offsite location. Sometimes these events are just occasions for employees to get to know one another in a less stressful setting.

Escape rooms provide a unique opportunity for team building for two reasons. First, they are an awful lot of fun in ways that are probably unfamiliar to most people. Escape rooms are a new but rapidly growing phenomenon that places people in fun and interesting interactive scenarios. Second, a session in an escape room allows employees to practice solving problems in a movie scene escape room. In a real sense, they are making their own movie or TV show while learning to work together.

The Crime Scene scenario at our facility is a classic example. We have seen the crime scene in hundreds of TV shows and movies, with the dead body, the detectives, and the forensic scientists working together to solve the murder. Your employees will assume these roles and, with clues that are available, perhaps catch a criminal.

The Haunted Prison is a slightly more challenging scenario. Everyone has seen this movie too. However, with some clear-headed problem solving, it can end better for your employees than for characters in the film.

The Mayan Temple of Knowledge is the most exciting scenario soon to be available. Indiana Jones, Rick and Evie from “The Mummy” movies, and even the “Stargate” team of SG1 have been there. Now your people can live an adventure through a movie scene escape room.

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An Escape From Reality


Let’s face it, life in the world of work can become stressful. At times, even seeing our peers and co-workers on a daily basis can become repetitive. This is where we can all use a company retreat. After all, we do see these people every day! Enter our modern day escapes or escape rooms to be exact. At Lockology Columbus Escape Room, that is our specialty.

Each escape room is designed to offer a different challenge with its own difficulty level. In our escape room, The Crime Scene, your team of private investigators can solve a murder mystery by finding clues and searching through the scene of the crime. If your team works close together you just might find out who the killer is too! Or you can try your luck in our Haunted Prison and see if your team can make it out of this ghost town jail as quickly as possible! Just don’t let the echoing laughter in your new prison home get to you. With an additional room and new experiences on the way, your teams are sure to have to communicate and come together to try and solve each challenge that is presented.

You will have up to 60 minutes in our escape rooms to work together as a team to try and get yourselves out. It’s important to collaborate, solve clues, and puzzles that will lead to your freedom. Each room has a maximum of 8 players allowed. If your party is larger than that, no big deal! Have teams compete by splitting the party into halves. Nothing spells team building more than some friendly competition among peers! On top of that, we are open all days of the week for all of your scheduling and planning needs. So let us handle the task of reinvigorating your team or hosting your corporate events. Please contact us for further details and booking.

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Corporate Escape: Off Site Team Building


Columbus, OH executives are making use of an exciting and innovative team building platform: Escape Rooms. This relatively new form of entertainment has been sweeping the nation for about a decade. More recently, their potential as an excellent off-site team building opportunity is being realized.

What is an Escape Room?

The original escape rooms were developed to create a real-life experience modeled on popular mobile-based video games. These puzzle games start the user in a locked room full of objects. By interacting with the environment, the user can unlock clues that will ultimately lead to opening the door to exit the room to the next level.

Live escape rooms work on a similar principle. However, cutting-edge companies have integrated complex storylines, in-depth characters, and problem-solving puzzles that require cooperation to complete, making them ideal for team building.

What Are the Benefits of Escape Rooms for Corporate Team Building?

  • Small teams of 8 work closely together to beat the clock.
  • Teams score by time, allowing them to compete for prizes or a runoff in a second challenge.
  • Get employees out of their familiar environments to encourage new perspectives and shatter the dreaded “comfort zone.”
  • Genuine fun and excitement to add some adrenaline to the mix.
  • Inexpensive compared to many corporate team building workshops.

Where Can I Find an Escape Room in Columbus?

If you happen to have your headquarters near Columbus, OH be sure to check out Lockology Escape Rooms.

We currently have two different rooms, each with their own storyline and unique puzzles, with a third coming soon. Each room is ranked by difficulty, allowing you to design a championship model with the top teams competing against each other, while still including everyone in the first round.

In addition, Lockology offers low rates for weekday bookings, helping to keep costs within the budget.

For more information about Lockology Escape Rooms in Columbus, give us a call at 1-888-693-7105.

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Looking for something exciting? Look no further than an Escape Room


Looking for something novel to do on your second date?

Want to impress a friend that is coming to town for the first time in years?

Or even just trying to find the perfect thing to bring the family together again?

An escape room is a great way to spend an afternoon or evening.

Each escape room comes with a backstory, whether you’re going to be crime scene investigators or trapped in a haunted jail, there’s plenty to explore while inside. All sorts of little details come together not only to give your group clues but to paint a picture as to where you are and what’s happened. This is a great opportunity to exercise creative thinking and show off what you can do when working together because despite how the saying goes, great minds don’t always think alike. Each party member will have the chance to show off what they’ve got because most of the clues do take more than one perspective.

Not sure that you’re cut out for a big challenge? Lockology provides rooms at three different levels so that you can tailor the experience to your group’s needs. It also means that if you manage to beat the clock and figure out who did it at the crime scene that you have a great chance to keep testing your skills at the haunted jail.

Even if your group doesn’t succeed in making it out of the escape room, you’re sure to walk away with a great story to tell and a thirst for the next adventure.

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Escape Rooms: The Ultimate Strategy Game For Friends and Family


Lockology Columbus Escape Room

Ultimate Strategy Game

There’s a certain satisfaction in winning an ultimate strategy game. Being able to outsmart a puzzle, and find the proper solution, is like a mental version of the rush that comes from crossing the finish line in a race. However, if you’ve grown bored of sitting at home and out-thinking a series of ones and zeros in a computer simulation, then why not up your game?

Can you take on an escape room, and get out before time runs out?

Escape Rooms: The Ultimate Strategy Game

No matter what sort of strategy games you’re used to playing, an escape room is a completely different kettle of fish. Because you can’t just lean back in your chair, and click your mouse over the scenery. You are there, in the puzzle, and that presents an excitement, and a rush, like nothing else.

If you want high stakes, you’ve got it. If you want a puzzle that will test your wits and skills, you have that, too. Lastly, you’ve got one hour to find the solution, and escape. Can you solve the whodunit at the crime scene, and finger the right suspect? Will you be able to plumb the secrets of the Mayan temple of knowledge? Can you escape from the haunted prison before the restless spirits of the former inmates come for you, ensuring you never escape these walls?

There’s something for everyone when it comes to these escape rooms. Whether you want a cooperative theme, a real brain teaser, or just something you can do with your loved ones on a rainy day, we’ve got you covered with the ultimate strategy game.

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Effective Team Building With Lockology Columbus Escape Room


Lockology Columbus Escape Room is a fun experience offered for groups. They’re great fun and require quick thinking, interaction, and the use of various different skills all which contribute to team building.

When your company is looking for a team building activity, an escape room is one of the best options out there. Lockology Columbus Escape Room puts a group into a situation they need to resolve quickly using a combination of innovative and practical thinking. Every person has a skill set that they will find useful, and you’ll be able to see each person’s resources at work. Is one of your team members good at mathematical thinking? Another good at puzzles? This will allow them to work together to find solutions that fit their strengths.

After solving the escape room, you’ll find that your company will be more aware of the talents of each individual.  You’ll see how those talents can come into play on behalf of the business. Additionally, it will create effective team building and allow employees to brainstorm to find solutions they might not otherwise. Camaraderie is important when it comes to employee relations. In a high-pressure environment like an escape room, employees will have to rely upon each other to succeed. This can be easily translated to the real world, and spell future success for your company.

Escape rooms are a fun way to get the adrenaline pumping.  That are also good for your employees to learn more about each other and the way they work together. Finding the best way to interact and solve problems is a company benefit. Your experience will be as beneficial as it is entertaining for everyone who takes part.

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