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4 Ways Escape Rooms Bring Families Together


With busy schedules and more entertainment options than ever before, finding an activity that will bring families together in a focused, meaningful way can be a challenge. Escape rooms are a natural extension of the classic family game night but with some advantages over a traditional board game.

Escape Rooms Require Full Attention 

In a world full of cell phones, tablets, and television screens, it can be difficult to bring families together.  Even when we’re all sitting in the same room, our focus can easily be drawn far away, making it difficult to really pay attention to one another. There will be no such distraction during an escape room adventure. You’ll be too busy using all of your observations and communication skills on the shared task at hand.

Escape Rooms Create Quality Time 

Melissa Milkie, a sociologist who studies the impact of togetherness on family outcomes, explains that the quality of the time spent together is more important than the quantity. Interactions that create true connections help families build healthy relationships. In an escape room, the entire time is quality time because so much of the event is spent communicating directly with one another while experiencing a shared goal.

Escape Rooms Provide a Chance to Talk

One of the more challenging family dynamics comes from intergenerational communication. It can be difficult for parents to find a way to talk to their children, especially once they become teenagers. According to Psychology Today, one strategy for reaching teens is to give them a chance to solve problems. An escape room functions as a shared problem to solve together, and it gives parents the opportunity to demonstrate to their teens that they hear and value their opinions.

Escape Rooms Target Many Skills 

It can be difficult to choose an activity for the whole family that doesn’t favor one particular person’s skills and interests. Sports favor the athletes. Word games favor the bookworms. Many games favor the most competitive family member. An escape room allows each family member’s own skills to come forward and combine with the rest. There are so many different tasks required to solve the room that each call upon a different way of thinking, so everyone gets a chance to shine. Completing the challenge is cooperative, so competitive family members can feel satisfied with a win without alienating the less competitive ones.

If you’re ready to take your family game night up a notch, book your escape room adventure today!