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A Great Escape from Boredom for Family and Friends


Sometimes it can be hard for the family and friends to try and do something fun together. Parents plop in front of the TV, kids are glued to their tablets. Or you go out with your friends, but everyone’s texting away on their phones. And sure, you’re all hanging out, but don’t you wish you could all do something with each other? Of course, there’s always going out to the movies or a museum, but that’s all been done before. You want to escape from boredom.

You want something new. Something exciting.

Something fun and mysterious and full of adventure that everyone will love. You need to try an escape room.

A Great Escape

What, you may ask, is an escape room? An escape room involves being locked in a room for a limited amount of time and solving various puzzles to – you guessed it – escape. Family and friends must all work together to figure out the clues in a limited amount of time in order to break out.

There’s a mystery to solve or a story you’re a part of, so it’s like being in a live-action video game. Except everyone’s playing at once. You all get a starring role. And since you must riddle your way out of the room as a team, everyone gets a shot to help out and discover their inner detective and escape from boredom.

It gets you talking to each other, and you may even learn something new! Maybe your cousin is actually a Sherlock Holmes in disguise, or maybe your best friend will uncover a penchant for puzzle-solving, or maybe you realize you all just really love escape rooms.

There are even differently themed rooms to explore – so one day your friends might feel like escaping a haunted prison you’ve somehow ended up locked in, and another evening you and your family might feel more like solving a murder based on a crime scene. The world of escape rooms is your oyster.

And the sweet, sweet taste of victory once you all escape? Priceless.

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Lockology, An Escape From Your Couch

Looking forward to yet another action-packed day of social media?

Anticipating a rousing Saturday afternoon on the couch, watching the family stare at their phones?

Probably not.

What if you could give them all some real puzzles to work on, instead? In fact, what if you could bring together the satisfaction of puzzle-solving with some of the adrenaline of paintball? You can!

Lockology Escape Rooms offers exactly the solution to the social media zombie craze that your family needs! You’ll have to work together to find and examine clues in order to complete such disparate tasks as solving a ‘murder’ or simply escaping from a room into which you’ve all been locked. You can finally escape from your couch.

Yes, you can volunteer to have your entire family locked in a room together with only your collective problem-solving abilities to save you! Don’t laugh, it’s very likely you’ll have a blast!

All your family’s wits will be tested as you dig through the room, finding and using the tools at hand to decipher and assemble a variety of puzzle pieces, both physical and ephemeral. You’ll have to work together and keep level heads in order to get out under the time limit!

Those video-gaming skills your kids have been honing may actually have a real-world use. As a matter of fact, the Escape Room concept actually originated in video games so you or your kids may have some practical skills already, though you may not realize it.

This is an action-filled, real-world adventure that is fun for everyone and an excellent opportunity for your family to pull together and learn to better rely on each other. You’ll have a great time and go home with a much stronger sense of ‘family’ than you would have gotten from yet another night on social media. As a matter of fact, although the idea may be new to you, it’s likely your kids have already heard about Escape Rooms from friends. Take this opportunity to show your kids how much fun you can have while getting everyone off the couch for a few, fun-filled hours.

Go get locked in!

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Tips for Spending Real Quality Time with Family


Are you tired of the lack of real, meaningful, and worthwhile conversation with your family? Are you tired of looking up from your computer and seeing your entire family in the room with you but no real connecting is going on because everyone is devoted to some kind of screen? TV, Kindle, iPhone, Fitbit, LeapPad, the list of screens and technology-based activities goes on and on. And though these devices are beneficial and entertaining – they don’t always help us spend quality time with family. Here are some tips on what you can do to create some real family bonding time:

Use One Form of Technology – Together

Instead of allowing everyone their own screen to zone out – figure out something you can all do together with one form of technology. Some fun examples could include:

  • Play Wii – It is even more fun when the activity is active
  • Watch a movie together
  • Make your own family movie
  • Read a Kindle book
  • Listen and dance to songs

Try an Escape Room

Escape rooms involve a group of people being locked in a room for a specific amount of time. They must solve a series of puzzles, riddles, clues, etc. in order to beat the clock and escape. Here are some of the reasons you and your family should consider going to an escape room for a family night:

  • Work Together – According to, “One of the best things about doing an escape room as a family is that it gives you the opportunity to be a unit all in the service of the same goal. It’s the kind of bonding experience that no other type of entertainment can match.”
  • Everyone Can Participate – Everyone in the family can participate and have fun in the escape room – you all must work together to get out and it is a great bonding experience.
  • Use Your Brain – Instead of watching a movie, you get to use your brain and actually experience the things that typically happen in many movies. It is a thrilling experience that will drive you to keep going until you escape.

Make Your Own Scavenger Hunt

Some family members might be a little young to enjoy an escape room to the fullest capacity. They may be too young to have any experience with treasure hunts, clue finding, scavenger hunts, etc. Try making your own scavenger hunt at home for the little ones to create quality time with family. Once they understand the concept of clues and finding and figuring things out you can take them along to help out in the real escape room!

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4 Ways Escape Rooms Bring Families Together


With busy schedules and more entertainment options than ever before, finding an activity that will bring families together in a focused, meaningful way can be a challenge. Escape rooms are a natural extension of the classic family game night but with some advantages over a traditional board game.

Escape Rooms Require Full Attention 

In a world full of cell phones, tablets, and television screens, it can be difficult to bring families together.  Even when we’re all sitting in the same room, our focus can easily be drawn far away, making it difficult to really pay attention to one another. There will be no such distraction during an escape room adventure. You’ll be too busy using all of your observations and communication skills on the shared task at hand.

Escape Rooms Create Quality Time 

Melissa Milkie, a sociologist who studies the impact of togetherness on family outcomes, explains that the quality of the time spent together is more important than the quantity. Interactions that create true connections help families build healthy relationships. In an escape room, the entire time is quality time because so much of the event is spent communicating directly with one another while experiencing a shared goal.

Escape Rooms Provide a Chance to Talk

One of the more challenging family dynamics comes from intergenerational communication. It can be difficult for parents to find a way to talk to their children, especially once they become teenagers. According to Psychology Today, one strategy for reaching teens is to give them a chance to solve problems. An escape room functions as a shared problem to solve together, and it gives parents the opportunity to demonstrate to their teens that they hear and value their opinions.

Escape Rooms Target Many Skills 

It can be difficult to choose an activity for the whole family that doesn’t favor one particular person’s skills and interests. Sports favor the athletes. Word games favor the bookworms. Many games favor the most competitive family member. An escape room allows each family member’s own skills to come forward and combine with the rest. There are so many different tasks required to solve the room that each call upon a different way of thinking, so everyone gets a chance to shine. Completing the challenge is cooperative, so competitive family members can feel satisfied with a win without alienating the less competitive ones.

If you’re ready to take your family game night up a notch, book your escape room adventure today!

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Why Do an Escape Room with Your Friends and Family


Escape rooms are popping up all over the country and their popularity is growing. They offer fun and excitement for everyone who participates and are a great activity for groups of families and friends. If you are tired of the usual dinners, movies and game nights, why not try something new with an escape room?

Escape rooms get you out of your comfort zone and put you in the middle of a mystery. You and your family and friends have to think like a detective. The room is full of hidden clues that will help you solve the mystery and escape. You’ll find yourselves celebrating every clue you find as it gets you closer to the final solution. This is a lot more fun than going to dinner or a movie!

Getting out in the time allowed will only happen if you and your group work together. It takes everyone working as a team to solve the mystery and escape. Kids and adults alike can contribute equally. You’ll find that everyone in your group sees things differently and that definitely works to your advantage. What you see as unimportant in the room, might actually be an important clue. You may come out of the experience with a new appreciation for the way other people see things.

Do you really remember every dinner you’ve eaten or movie you’ve seen with friends and family? Chances are you don’t. You will remember your time at an escape room, though. You’ll find yourself laughing about your adventures and how much fun you had for years to come. This is an opportunity to make memories with the ones you love in a unique way.

Next time you plan a fun group outing with your family and friends, try an escape room. You will be glad you did!

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Why an Escape Room is a Fun Family Activity


Every family is always seeking something new and exciting to do together. With that said, how about considering an escape room for your next fun family activity? Never heard of it? Well, here’s the skinny on this hot trend for friends and family…

What is an Escape Room?

You can look at it as a real-life, in-room, team-based puzzle. These are fun activities that are done between friends and family who, essentially, search for a way to escape from a locked room. It’s in essence a real-life riddle!

Why Should I try it?

Well, if you and your group are interested in riddles and puzzles, this is the place for your next fun family activity! But, there’s so much more to it than that. Here are several other reasons why you’d want to get involved in this indoor, proverbial chess game:

  • The Objective: It’s all about the thrill of the hunt. The primary goal here is to find the key, or whatever various means of leave is provided, via patterns and clues that will get you thinking and connecting the dots.
  • The Story: Each escape room comes with a story. Maybe a prison room, a crime scene or a hidden temple. Look at it like a real-life video game: you’re the main character trying to escape from the worlds you’ve been temporarily trapped in.
  • A Time Limit: Are you into besting time? Continuing with the video game analogy, you’ll be wracking your brain trying to figure out how to best the clock before it’s “game over.”

If this is something that intrigues you, and you’d like more information or to plan a visit today, please visit our website.

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Looking for something exciting? Look no further than an Escape Room


Looking for something novel to do on your second date?

Want to impress a friend that is coming to town for the first time in years?

Or even just trying to find the perfect thing to bring the family together again?

An escape room is a great way to spend an afternoon or evening.

Each escape room comes with a backstory, whether you’re going to be crime scene investigators or trapped in a haunted jail, there’s plenty to explore while inside. All sorts of little details come together not only to give your group clues but to paint a picture as to where you are and what’s happened. This is a great opportunity to exercise creative thinking and show off what you can do when working together because despite how the saying goes, great minds don’t always think alike. Each party member will have the chance to show off what they’ve got because most of the clues do take more than one perspective.

Not sure that you’re cut out for a big challenge? Lockology provides rooms at three different levels so that you can tailor the experience to your group’s needs. It also means that if you manage to beat the clock and figure out who did it at the crime scene that you have a great chance to keep testing your skills at the haunted jail.

Even if your group doesn’t succeed in making it out of the escape room, you’re sure to walk away with a great story to tell and a thirst for the next adventure.