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A Great Escape from Boredom for Family and Friends


Sometimes it can be hard for the family and friends to try and do something fun together. Parents plop in front of the TV, kids are glued to their tablets. Or you go out with your friends, but everyone’s texting away on their phones. And sure, you’re all hanging out, but don’t you wish you could all do something with each other? Of course, there’s always going out to the movies or a museum, but that’s all been done before. You want to escape from boredom.

You want something new. Something exciting.

Something fun and mysterious and full of adventure that everyone will love. You need to try an escape room.

A Great Escape

What, you may ask, is an escape room? An escape room involves being locked in a room for a limited amount of time and solving various puzzles to – you guessed it – escape. Family and friends must all work together to figure out the clues in a limited amount of time in order to break out.

There’s a mystery to solve or a story you’re a part of, so it’s like being in a live-action video game. Except everyone’s playing at once. You all get a starring role. And since you must riddle your way out of the room as a team, everyone gets a shot to help out and discover their inner detective and escape from boredom.

It gets you talking to each other, and you may even learn something new! Maybe your cousin is actually a Sherlock Holmes in disguise, or maybe your best friend will uncover a penchant for puzzle-solving, or maybe you realize you all just really love escape rooms.

There are even differently themed rooms to explore – so one day your friends might feel like escaping a haunted prison you’ve somehow ended up locked in, and another evening you and your family might feel more like solving a murder based on a crime scene. The world of escape rooms is your oyster.

And the sweet, sweet taste of victory once you all escape? Priceless.

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Movie Scene Escape Room


Every business does not consist of individual employees as much as teams of people dedicated to solving problems that help the company produce the goods or services that create a profit. A recent article in the Balance suggests that a major part of making a business run smoothly is to turn groups of individuals into a team that works smoothly together.

Team building has been an integral part of running companies for as long as companies have existed. Modern corporations will often set aside time for teams of their employees to play games together, either onsite or at an offsite location. Sometimes these events are just occasions for employees to get to know one another in a less stressful setting.

Escape rooms provide a unique opportunity for team building for two reasons. First, they are an awful lot of fun in ways that are probably unfamiliar to most people. Escape rooms are a new but rapidly growing phenomenon that places people in fun and interesting interactive scenarios. Second, a session in an escape room allows employees to practice solving problems in a movie scene escape room. In a real sense, they are making their own movie or TV show while learning to work together.

The Crime Scene scenario at our facility is a classic example. We have seen the crime scene in hundreds of TV shows and movies, with the dead body, the detectives, and the forensic scientists working together to solve the murder. Your employees will assume these roles and, with clues that are available, perhaps catch a criminal.

The Haunted Prison is a slightly more challenging scenario. Everyone has seen this movie too. However, with some clear-headed problem solving, it can end better for your employees than for characters in the film.

The Mayan Temple of Knowledge is the most exciting scenario soon to be available. Indiana Jones, Rick and Evie from “The Mummy” movies, and even the “Stargate” team of SG1 have been there. Now your people can live an adventure through a movie scene escape room.

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An Escape From Reality


Let’s face it, life in the world of work can become stressful. At times, even seeing our peers and co-workers on a daily basis can become repetitive. This is where we can all use a company retreat. After all, we do see these people every day! Enter our modern day escapes or escape rooms to be exact. At Lockology Columbus Escape Room, that is our specialty.

Each escape room is designed to offer a different challenge with its own difficulty level. In our escape room, The Crime Scene, your team of private investigators can solve a murder mystery by finding clues and searching through the scene of the crime. If your team works close together you just might find out who the killer is too! Or you can try your luck in our Haunted Prison and see if your team can make it out of this ghost town jail as quickly as possible! Just don’t let the echoing laughter in your new prison home get to you. With an additional room and new experiences on the way, your teams are sure to have to communicate and come together to try and solve each challenge that is presented.

You will have up to 60 minutes in our escape rooms to work together as a team to try and get yourselves out. It’s important to collaborate, solve clues, and puzzles that will lead to your freedom. Each room has a maximum of 8 players allowed. If your party is larger than that, no big deal! Have teams compete by splitting the party into halves. Nothing spells team building more than some friendly competition among peers! On top of that, we are open all days of the week for all of your scheduling and planning needs. So let us handle the task of reinvigorating your team or hosting your corporate events. Please contact us for further details and booking.

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Corporate Escape: Off Site Team Building


Columbus, OH executives are making use of an exciting and innovative team building platform: Escape Rooms. This relatively new form of entertainment has been sweeping the nation for about a decade. More recently, their potential as an excellent off-site team building opportunity is being realized.

What is an Escape Room?

The original escape rooms were developed to create a real-life experience modeled on popular mobile-based video games. These puzzle games start the user in a locked room full of objects. By interacting with the environment, the user can unlock clues that will ultimately lead to opening the door to exit the room to the next level.

Live escape rooms work on a similar principle. However, cutting-edge companies have integrated complex storylines, in-depth characters, and problem-solving puzzles that require cooperation to complete, making them ideal for team building.

What Are the Benefits of Escape Rooms for Corporate Team Building?

  • Small teams of 8 work closely together to beat the clock.
  • Teams score by time, allowing them to compete for prizes or a runoff in a second challenge.
  • Get employees out of their familiar environments to encourage new perspectives and shatter the dreaded “comfort zone.”
  • Genuine fun and excitement to add some adrenaline to the mix.
  • Inexpensive compared to many corporate team building workshops.

Where Can I Find an Escape Room in Columbus?

If you happen to have your headquarters near Columbus, OH be sure to check out Lockology Escape Rooms.

We currently have two different rooms, each with their own storyline and unique puzzles, with a third coming soon. Each room is ranked by difficulty, allowing you to design a championship model with the top teams competing against each other, while still including everyone in the first round.

In addition, Lockology offers low rates for weekday bookings, helping to keep costs within the budget.

For more information about Lockology Escape Rooms in Columbus, give us a call at 1-888-693-7105.

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Tips for Spending Real Quality Time with Family


Are you tired of the lack of real, meaningful, and worthwhile conversation with your family? Are you tired of looking up from your computer and seeing your entire family in the room with you but no real connecting is going on because everyone is devoted to some kind of screen? TV, Kindle, iPhone, Fitbit, LeapPad, the list of screens and technology-based activities goes on and on. And though these devices are beneficial and entertaining – they don’t always help us spend quality time with family. Here are some tips on what you can do to create some real family bonding time:

Use One Form of Technology – Together

Instead of allowing everyone their own screen to zone out – figure out something you can all do together with one form of technology. Some fun examples could include:

  • Play Wii – It is even more fun when the activity is active
  • Watch a movie together
  • Make your own family movie
  • Read a Kindle book
  • Listen and dance to songs

Try an Escape Room

Escape rooms involve a group of people being locked in a room for a specific amount of time. They must solve a series of puzzles, riddles, clues, etc. in order to beat the clock and escape. Here are some of the reasons you and your family should consider going to an escape room for a family night:

  • Work Together – According to, “One of the best things about doing an escape room as a family is that it gives you the opportunity to be a unit all in the service of the same goal. It’s the kind of bonding experience that no other type of entertainment can match.”
  • Everyone Can Participate – Everyone in the family can participate and have fun in the escape room – you all must work together to get out and it is a great bonding experience.
  • Use Your Brain – Instead of watching a movie, you get to use your brain and actually experience the things that typically happen in many movies. It is a thrilling experience that will drive you to keep going until you escape.

Make Your Own Scavenger Hunt

Some family members might be a little young to enjoy an escape room to the fullest capacity. They may be too young to have any experience with treasure hunts, clue finding, scavenger hunts, etc. Try making your own scavenger hunt at home for the little ones to create quality time with family. Once they understand the concept of clues and finding and figuring things out you can take them along to help out in the real escape room!

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Try a Whole New Team Building Experience


So. you’ve been assigned the task of coming up with a fun and unique team building experience. Your boss has trusted you to “knock this one out of the park.” What to do? There’s always the traditional activities like sitting in a conference room trying to solve a customer problem for three-and-a-half hours, while everyone gets on each other’s nerves because they’d all rather be pretty much anywhere else in the world. Let’s scratch that idea.

There’s also something a little less mundane like paintball or laser tag, but paintball gets messy and those paintballs actually sting quite a bit sometimes. Maybe not the best idea for the fragile accountant on his way to retirement in less than six months. As far as laser tag goes, it’s really something that’s better suited for an eight-year-old’s birthday party.

Have you considered an idea where everyone needs to work together, collecting clues and solving puzzles to achieve the ultimate goal of escape? It’s time for something a little more outside the box … or inside (pardon the pun). If it sounds impossibly intriguing, interactive, and incredible, that’s because it is. Welcome to Lockology Colombus Escape Room, a premier escape room with a twist.

Whether it’s your sales team, IT team, or beer-drinking softball team, escape rooms are an excellent way to instill collaboration, creative thinking, and a hugely positive state of morale. There are varying difficulty levels depending on the experience level of your team. If you have one or two veteran escape room players, you may want to encourage their knowledge sharing, and try a room with a slightly higher degree of difficulty.

At Lockology Colombus Escaper Room, your team of eight persons or less can currently take on the goal of escaping from a haunted prison or solving a murder at a crime scene. Coming soon is the mysteries of the Mayan Temple of Knowledge. No matter what adventure you choose; excitement, fun, and camaraderie are sure to abound.

Book now to discover your team’s strengths and weaknesses, while evaluating your ability to work together to achieve a common goal. The Lockology Colombus Escape Room is just what you’re looking for in a one-of-a-kind team building experience.

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Add Some Character The Next Time You Go To An Escape Room With Your Friends and Family


Escape rooms have been growing in popularity over the past several years, and they’ve finally exploded into the mainstream. If you’ve never been to one, the concept is pretty simple. You, and usually a few friends, are locked into a room with a puzzle. If you follow the clues and solve the puzzle, then you’ll find the way out of the room, and escape. While they’re simple in concept, escape rooms are unique brain teasers that get people off the couch and immerses them completely into an experience that’s unlike anything they’ll find online, or in the typical bar scene.

If you want to make your escape room experience a little more fun, though, then why not get into character with your friends to make it a truly immersive experience?

A Little Roleplaying Never Hurt Anyone

While every escape room has a puzzle that has to be solved, each room also has a unique theme to it. A story that adds some context for why you’re there, and for why you need to get out. For example, in the Haunted Prison you and your friends thought it would be fun to poke around the local ghost town, but when the gates to the prison slammed behind you, things suddenly got deadly serious. If you choose to solve the murder of a prominent journalist, you and your team of expert sleuths have one hour to crack the case and finger the right suspect in order to be sure the killer doesn’t get away. At the Mayan temple of knowledge, you and your team of archaeologists are trying to solve the riddles of the ancients… before it’s too late.

That setup is necessary because it puts the escape room into context. However, what if you took it a step further, and got your group into the spirit of the room? While you don’t need to come in costume (though more power to you if you decide to), you could sit down and create unique identities and a character for each of you. For instance, if you were going into the Mayan temple, you might choose to be Doctor Rufus Blackwall, Professor of Antiquities and South American history. One of your friends might take on the role of Helen Forrester, a grad student who’s here as an intern, and now finds herself trapped in this horrible situation. Another friend might be the organizer from the university, completely out of his element, but still trying to help.

The idea is that, instead of solving the puzzles as yourselves, you become a part of the story in character. What’s even better, though, is that your characters are weaving a tale, even as you try to solve the puzzle, and escape the room. Whether you succeed or fail, you’ll still have a story to tell. And, of course, you can always try again.

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Effective Team Building With Lockology Columbus Escape Room


Lockology Columbus Escape Room is a fun experience offered for groups. They’re great fun and require quick thinking, interaction, and the use of various different skills all which contribute to team building.

When your company is looking for a team building activity, an escape room is one of the best options out there. Lockology Columbus Escape Room puts a group into a situation they need to resolve quickly using a combination of innovative and practical thinking. Every person has a skill set that they will find useful, and you’ll be able to see each person’s resources at work. Is one of your team members good at mathematical thinking? Another good at puzzles? This will allow them to work together to find solutions that fit their strengths.

After solving the escape room, you’ll find that your company will be more aware of the talents of each individual.  You’ll see how those talents can come into play on behalf of the business. Additionally, it will create effective team building and allow employees to brainstorm to find solutions they might not otherwise. Camaraderie is important when it comes to employee relations. In a high-pressure environment like an escape room, employees will have to rely upon each other to succeed. This can be easily translated to the real world, and spell future success for your company.

Escape rooms are a fun way to get the adrenaline pumping.  That are also good for your employees to learn more about each other and the way they work together. Finding the best way to interact and solve problems is a company benefit. Your experience will be as beneficial as it is entertaining for everyone who takes part.

Try Team Building at Lockology Columbus Escape Room  –  Book Now