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Escape Rooms are the Perfect 21st-Century Team Builder


People love to do what they’re good at. It’s the role of a team leader to help them discover what that is, as well as to surround them with similarly-motivated employees. But finding an activity that is a team builder is tough. Too often, team-building events are used as excuses to get out of the office without actually learning or improving anything. Time is often spent not even getting to know fellow employees better. Escape rooms provide the perfect cure for the common team-building exercise.

The most important part of a team-building process is getting everyone involved and working toward a common goal. In an escape room, the goals are clearly stated. The variety of puzzles and challenges available provide something for everyone, no matter what their specific skills are. Escape room groups require someone to step up as a leader, and all different types of thinkers to solve the puzzles. Communication is the key to a good team, and that’s never been truer than in escape rooms.

When players are fully engaged in the thrill of trying to escape, they’re required to trust and communicate with one another. Escape rooms are about taking risks together in a safe environment and trusting your instincts, both of which are critical skills for team members to possess. Regardless of your industry, escape rooms provide a fun environment to evaluate your team’s cohesiveness and look for opportunities to improve it. You can even keep the experience going with a debrief back at the office to extend the fun and make sure everyone got the most out of it.

Most importantly–Escape rooms are a blast! The easiest way to make something memorable is to make it fun. A photo of your team’s success may hang up at an employee’s desk for the next few years. Why not leave the boring, stale team-building activities to companies that are stuck in the 20th century? Escape rooms are not only a popular new form of entertainment for everyone, they’re the perfect team-building exercise. Lockology Columbus has a 4.5/5 rating on TripAdvisor and supports up to 8 players at once.