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3 Reasons Escape Rooms make the Perfect First Date


When thinking through what to do on a perfect first date, a lot of the available choices that come to mind do not lead to truly getting to know your date. Movies, dinner, sporting events are the obvious choices, but a trip to an escape room creates an unforgettable experience. This intense situation can reveal your true selves to one another and help you form an honest opinion of one another.

Why an escape room is the perfect first date activity

1. No awkward silences. There is a limited amount of time and a lot that you have a lot to do. There is no time to stand around or wonder what the other is thinking. You get to immerse yourselves in an activity and make quick decisions together. Clear communication is necessary and easy when you have an important task at hand.

2. It is fun. There is no denying the fact that an escape room adventure is fun. You have the opportunity to use your creative thinking skills and play like a kid. Side effects include laugh out loud moments and even screams of excitement. There is something about playing a role that brings out the inner child in people.

3. It is a chance to really get to know one another. As the clock ticks down, you really get a chance to see how your date reacts under pressure. Do they react in frustration and anger? Are they controlling? Do they make wise decisions? Do they give up easily? All this is good to know. Whether you succeeded in escaping or not, now is a good time to grab a bite to eat and reminisce over the fun you had. This shared experience can lead the way to more conversations, breaking the ice in a way that a regular first date cannot.

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