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Can you escape in 60 minutes or less?


The title isn’t a threat. It’s a serious question; or a challenge if you will. What if I told you of a physical location where you can have an exciting adventure with your family, friends, or coworkers? It’s called the Lockology Columbus Escape Room, and it’s exactly 100 times cooler than it sounds!

You and a group of your peers can book a premier escape room. After booking a room, you travel to a physical location, get locked into a room for 60 minutes or less, and solve the mysteries within. Not to worry, though, there are emergency exits and someone is always standing by if a situation arises and you have to exit the game.

This escape room is not unlike some of the point-and-click computer games where the objective is to solve puzzles and escape a room. This place brings those games to life! Currently, there are three scenarios you can choose from Haunted Prison, The Crime Scene, and coming soon, The Mayan Temple of Knowledge. Each scenario has a different level of difficulty to choose from so choose carefully!

The Lockology Columbus Escape Room not only brings entertainment to a new level, it has many other benefits as well:

  • It’s an unconventional way to get the family together for some outside-the-box fun.
  • You can bring a date and impress him or her with your bravery and problem-solving capabilities.
  • Companies often come for team-building exercises. It’s a valuable experience for comradery with coworkers.
  • You can book an adventure for your family and take a well-deserved nap for an hour while they’re locked in a room.
  • You can purchase this experience as a gift for birthdays or special occasions.

The next time you’re planning a good time and you’re getting a little weary of the same old same old, maybe consider this off-the-beaten-path venue for an unforgettable experience!

Check us out for more information! We’d love to challenge you to escape in 60 minutes or less!