Edison's Secret Lab


Price Per Person: $30

This Room will soon be getting a new face-lift and all new puzzles. Play it now for a chance to beta test the new room for free!!!!!

Edison was well known for his brilliance and his inventions, but most did not know know his secrets.  You have just discovered his secret laboratory where he conducted secret experiments.  As you explore you accidentally set off a trap that lock you in the lab.  Now you must learn the technology Edison created and use it to escape.

This room offers a wonderful setting to use logic to solve puzzles with out the intimidation of a large group.  You will meander through Edison's lab to unlock secrets you didn't know he had.


"Awesome time! Staff was very nice and the experience was fun!"

"Looking for something challenging and fun.. look no further. It will keep you on your toes. Very clever and thought provoking..5 strars!! Thank you lockology 614!!!"

"Super friendly staff. It was a room filled with very well placed clues to help you to the next one. We will definitely do it again!"

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Problem-solving, working under pressure, communication and leadership are four skills you will have an opportunity to explore with your employees and coworkers during a team building session at Lockology Columbus Escape Room. Get locked into a themed puzzle room with your team to try to solve clues and escape the room. It is a much more entertaining and interactive experience than your typical corporate team building event.

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Testimonials From Guests


"An interactive and really fun time. The clues were well planned and thought out and you really had to think through everything to move on. Don't overthink it!"


"We are avid escape room goers and this one was great! We had an amazing time and definitely recommend trying it. Kevin was awesome, the room was well thought out. Thanks for a great time!!!!"


"As owners of eXcape Columbus our expectations are high when it comes to other rooms. We never tell who we are so we get the "customer" experience so we have confidence in recommending our customers to other rooms. We had a blast, which is the intent of all rooms. It was challenging and the owners were AWESOME! Will definitely support all of their future rooms and recommend to our customers. Great job Lockdown!!!!"


"We had a blast, the puzzles were great and the story line had obvious thought put into it! I would recommend Lockdown Columbus Escape to any business team or group of friends who thought they were up to the challenge. Buckle up for an hour of mystery and puzzles you won't forget!!!!!!"