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Challenges Can Launch A Solid Team Building Adventure


The key to a solid team is providing a challenging and fun team building adventure that your staff will remember. Often, conflicting personality styles create the need for outside influence to take control and manipulate a situation to allow for everyone’s success. But when people are forced to work together, magical moments of peace and understanding begin to emerge.


Your staff members have their own unique skills and knowledge sets that enable them to effectively perform their jobs, and this is powerful. However, sometimes people become too reliant on themselves when solving problems. Yes, your people may work together efficiently at times, and perhaps there is little noticeable conflict within your organization. But can you say that your teams are TRULY utilizing each other’s talents as much as possible? Chances are, the answer is no.

The Challenge

The reason that teams are often disconnected, or not perfectly functioning machines, is because people are TOO good at their own jobs. When an individual knows that they can do their part effectively and with few errors, they are more vulnerable in becoming detached from the big picture. It is understandable, but what happens when these high performing team members are forced to work in tandem with their peers? Lock your team in a room together, level the playing field with a foreign challenge, and you’re sure to find out.

The Locked Room

Escape the room team building adventures present organizations with exotic challenges that are fun, entertaining, and effective in creating an environment of teamwork that few other things offer. Your team members will have to rely on each other’s unique talents and personalities while building a plan for escape while embarking on a brand new adventure, that no workplace environment can offer. You’ll see people shifting perspective and relying on each other to truly BUILD together. Relationships are enriched, and perhaps even created, when people are forced into a community in the name of survival and perseverance.


We know that team building adventures help create more cohesive work environments, improved communication, and tighter relationships, but an escape room offers much more. Give it a try and watch your team members bloom!