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Looking for something exciting? Look no further than an Escape Room


Looking for something novel to do on your second date?

Want to impress a friend that is coming to town for the first time in years?

Or even just trying to find the perfect thing to bring the family together again?

An escape room is a great way to spend an afternoon or evening.

Each escape room comes with a backstory, whether you’re going to be crime scene investigators or trapped in a haunted jail, there’s plenty to explore while inside. All sorts of little details come together not only to give your group clues but to paint a picture as to where you are and what’s happened. This is a great opportunity to exercise creative thinking and show off what you can do when working together because despite how the saying goes, great minds don’t always think alike. Each party member will have the chance to show off what they’ve got because most of the clues do take more than one perspective.

Not sure that you’re cut out for a big challenge? Lockology provides rooms at three different levels so that you can tailor the experience to your group’s needs. It also means that if you manage to beat the clock and figure out who did it at the crime scene that you have a great chance to keep testing your skills at the haunted jail.

Even if your group doesn’t succeed in making it out of the escape room, you’re sure to walk away with a great story to tell and a thirst for the next adventure.

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Indoor Team Building? An Escape Room Can Do That


What do you think of when you hear the phrase team-building exercise? Whatever it is, it probably isn’t very exciting. Do you picture a bunch of people from your office awkwardly standing around under fluorescent lights, playing a game they’re only half-interested in because corporate told them to? Maybe you’re seeing everyone sitting in a circle of uncomfortable plastic chairs, all reading from a script to establish a kind of stilted, artificial rapport?

Bet you aren’t picturing you and four of your co-workers trying to pull off a bank job or to escape from an ancient Egyptian tomb before you’re trapped with the pharaohs forever. But those are exactly the sort of indoor team building exercises you’ll find if you go to an escape room.

Indoor Team Building at Its Finest (and Most Exciting)

The whole goal of a team building exercise is to bring a group of people together, working toward a common goal. That’s why they tend to feature at least one game. The problem with games, though, is they tend to get competitive. When one team wins, and the other loses, that can sometimes overshadow the strengths or weaknesses team members learned about themselves and each other during the process.

A room escape puzzle, on the other hand, pits a team against a puzzle. A puzzle that has a theme, and which is immersive on a level that nothing else can really touch. For instance, how will you and your co-workers escape a haunted prison? Will you be able to uncover the secrets of the Mayan temple of knowledge? Will you solve the mystery at a murder scene where the clues just aren’t adding up?

If nothing else, this is an indoor team building exercise you won’t soon forget!

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Escape Rooms: The Ultimate Strategy Game For Friends and Family


Lockology Columbus Escape Room

Ultimate Strategy Game

There’s a certain satisfaction in winning an ultimate strategy game. Being able to outsmart a puzzle, and find the proper solution, is like a mental version of the rush that comes from crossing the finish line in a race. However, if you’ve grown bored of sitting at home and out-thinking a series of ones and zeros in a computer simulation, then why not up your game?

Can you take on an escape room, and get out before time runs out?

Escape Rooms: The Ultimate Strategy Game

No matter what sort of strategy games you’re used to playing, an escape room is a completely different kettle of fish. Because you can’t just lean back in your chair, and click your mouse over the scenery. You are there, in the puzzle, and that presents an excitement, and a rush, like nothing else.

If you want high stakes, you’ve got it. If you want a puzzle that will test your wits and skills, you have that, too. Lastly, you’ve got one hour to find the solution, and escape. Can you solve the whodunit at the crime scene, and finger the right suspect? Will you be able to plumb the secrets of the Mayan temple of knowledge? Can you escape from the haunted prison before the restless spirits of the former inmates come for you, ensuring you never escape these walls?

There’s something for everyone when it comes to these escape rooms. Whether you want a cooperative theme, a real brain teaser, or just something you can do with your loved ones on a rainy day, we’ve got you covered with the ultimate strategy game.

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Effective Team Building With Lockology Columbus Escape Room


Lockology Columbus Escape Room is a fun experience offered for groups. They’re great fun and require quick thinking, interaction, and the use of various different skills all which contribute to team building.

When your company is looking for a team building activity, an escape room is one of the best options out there. Lockology Columbus Escape Room puts a group into a situation they need to resolve quickly using a combination of innovative and practical thinking. Every person has a skill set that they will find useful, and you’ll be able to see each person’s resources at work. Is one of your team members good at mathematical thinking? Another good at puzzles? This will allow them to work together to find solutions that fit their strengths.

After solving the escape room, you’ll find that your company will be more aware of the talents of each individual.  You’ll see how those talents can come into play on behalf of the business. Additionally, it will create effective team building and allow employees to brainstorm to find solutions they might not otherwise. Camaraderie is important when it comes to employee relations. In a high-pressure environment like an escape room, employees will have to rely upon each other to succeed. This can be easily translated to the real world, and spell future success for your company.

Escape rooms are a fun way to get the adrenaline pumping.  That are also good for your employees to learn more about each other and the way they work together. Finding the best way to interact and solve problems is a company benefit. Your experience will be as beneficial as it is entertaining for everyone who takes part.

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