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An Escape From Reality


Let’s face it, life in the world of work can become stressful. At times, even seeing our peers and co-workers on a daily basis can become repetitive. This is where we can all use a company retreat. After all, we do see these people every day! Enter our modern day escapes or escape rooms to be exact. At Lockology Columbus Escape Room, that is our specialty.

Each escape room is designed to offer a different challenge with its own difficulty level. In our escape room, The Crime Scene, your team of private investigators can solve a murder mystery by finding clues and searching through the scene of the crime. If your team works close together you just might find out who the killer is too! Or you can try your luck in our Haunted Prison and see if your team can make it out of this ghost town jail as quickly as possible! Just don’t let the echoing laughter in your new prison home get to you. With an additional room and new experiences on the way, your teams are sure to have to communicate and come together to try and solve each challenge that is presented.

You will have up to 60 minutes in our escape rooms to work together as a team to try and get yourselves out. It’s important to collaborate, solve clues, and puzzles that will lead to your freedom. Each room has a maximum of 8 players allowed. If your party is larger than that, no big deal! Have teams compete by splitting the party into halves. Nothing spells team building more than some friendly competition among peers! On top of that, we are open all days of the week for all of your scheduling and planning needs. So let us handle the task of reinvigorating your team or hosting your corporate events. Please contact us for further details and booking.